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Channeling Spirits

Two days on line of intensive practise
to develop your abilities to channel spirits

I propose "third eye opening" seminars from 2012 in France.

From this time, I trained hundreds of persons.


This course is designed to help you develop your extrasensory abilities in order to channel information from spirits both by accompanying you in the practice of exercises and by the transmission of tools and tips.


Channeling is a powerful faculty and it's not a gift. Everyone has this ability within himself which waits to be developed.


Channeling is about surrender and there are many levels of channeling according to the level of surrending.


In order to be able to surrender ourselves, we need to feel safe. An important seminar part is about bringing you tools to feel safe and come back to a safe place when you need it. So I pass on what I call the “channeling seatbelts,” a serie of simple tools that allow you to return to inner alignment at any point in the channeling.


During this seminar we will start by channeling informations using our inner voice which is the first step in channeling because it is a mild altered state of consciousness. You can connect to this state in a fraction of a second and come back at the same speed.


However this level can be enough to connect spirits and communicate with them, it's a bit like telepathy. This state is the base state for channeling.


Then we will explore consciousness projection which is a technique which elevate your vibration and allow to travel where you want in the astral world. Through this altered state of cousciousness which is deeper than the previous one you can "meet" spirits and communicate with them. This level need preparation and time before the travel and when you come back. 


Finally we will practise a channeling technique which about mixing etheric body of yours and the spirit one but out of your physical body. This technique operate a strong connexion which allow the spirit to speak through your mouth but you are not incorporating the spirit energy directly into your own body which is something we will not practise in this seminar. This way of chanelling is asking for surrender and a deeper altered state of consciousness but it is still controlable if you need to. Meaning you are conscious of what's going out of your mouth at the second it is coming out but you forget just afterward. That why we will practise with recorders. According to me it is the most reachable maner to channel spirit including verbal expression.


This seminar is based on progressive work that allows you to gradually get into your abilities, to develop them and above all to be more confident.

Confidence is the super power which allow you develop your chanelling abilities.

Trust is created through practice and during this online course we will practice a lot.


Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question about this seminar.


dates & schedules

June 18, 2022 : 9 am to 6 pm (Easter Standard Time)

June 19, 2022 : 9 am to 6 pm (Easter Standard Time)


This seminar will take place from 3 attendees to 10 maximum.

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